Md Tareque Khan

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54/263, Tahara Colony, Nanded 431605,MH, India

Work Experience

Aug '11 to July '15 Application Developer/Associate at JP Morgan Chase & Co., Mumbai, IN Investment Banking
Jan '16 to Apr '16 Teaching Assistant at IIIT Hyderbad for Data Structures Course


Monsoon ’16’Difflet - Difference Between’ - Semester Project
Web2py framework project to display point-by-point difference between two entities. Python back-end that extracts data from wikipedia pages. Demo link -

Monsoon ’16 House Price Prediction (Kaggle Contest) - Data Warehousing & Data Mining
Regression problem that required use of ml/regression algorithms along with feature engineering.

Monsoon ’16 HTTP 1.1 Web Proxy - Advanced Computer Networks
Web proxy that supports several http headers(RFC 1945 & 2616) along with major ‘cache-control‘ policy

Spring ’16 IoT(Internet of Things) Platform
Prof. Ramesh Loganathan
Nodejs project. Team of 6 built the IoT Platform that would enable developer to deploy his IoT idea quickly. Different module developed were Data Listener, Sensor & Gateway Registry, Events/Rules Engine, Notification Server.

Spring ’16 Wikipedia Search Engine
Information Retrieval & Extraction
Java project to parse and index 56 GB dump of wikipedia textual data. Query retrieval time limit of 1s using 3-level index of 7.5GB.

Spring ’16 Product Search Relevance
Statistical Methods in Artificial Intelligence
Python Project, a Kaggle competition by HomeDepot to get the search relevance score for the queries users searched on the their website.

Monsoon ’15 ’Concurrent Data Structure Implementation’
Prof. Govindrajulu
Concurrent Stack and Queue implementation with EliminationBackOff Strategy.

Other & Self •OS : Pintos - implemented priority scheduling.
•OS: Implemented Shell in C with builtins, pipes, io-redirection and background job
•IRE project - improving accuracy of Named Entity Recognition
•Machine Learning Classification projects like handwritten-digit recognition using k-nereast neighbours and multilayer neural network.
•Word2Vec Study project
•Intro to Design Thinking Project - Prototying, User Persona, Data Gathering
•Restaurant Finder DBMS WebApp with SMS feature.
•Snakes & Ladders game in OpenGL. & Android App : college time table application.


July 2017(Expected) M.Tech in CSE, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
Cgpa: 9.56/10 (upto Sem II)
July 2011 B.Tech in I.T., College of Engineering, Pune
Cgpa: 8.19/10
2007 H.S.C at Dr. Zakir Hussain Jr. College, Parbhan, IN
Score: 90% 1st in College
2005 S.S.C at Queens English School, Parbhani
Score: 85.45 %

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Certificates and Achievement

Oct 2014 Oracle Certified Java Professional Programmer (Oracle ID: OC1428842)
June 2012 Star of the Quarter Award at JP Morgan
Oct 2013 3 times Java Dojo winner at JP Morgan
Aug 2010 1st Prize in C Code Contest at Interdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing, Univ of Pune

Computer Skills

Languages C/C++, Java, Python, Unix Scripting, JavaScript
Editors VIM Master, Eclipse Pro
Version Control Git, SVN, IBM Clearcase
Frameworks Spring, Hibernate, Ibatis
Tech Amazon EC2. nodejs, web2py

Interests and Activities

- Competitive Programming ProjectEuler 56 Solved, Codeforces, TopCoder, HackerEarth contest
- Spend time answering on StackExchange Q&A websites like StackOverflow and Unix
- Table Tennis

Web Presence

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English: Fluent
Hindi: Fluent
Marathi: Basic Knowledge